MARBRE + MAT ROSE NEON - Ongles "Press-On" Gel - TAILLE M

NEW! MARBLE + Matte Neon Pink - Hand-Painted Press-On Nail set - SIZE M

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These Marble press-on nails scream spring!  These press-ons were created by @tamardilullo 

All of our customs press-on nail sets are carefully created by our talented nail artists with the highest quality gel products. These nails can be disinfected and re-used if treated with care! Excellent for events or photo shoots! 

Each set comes with a sheet of glue tabs for quick and easy 1-2 days use! - Free of charge!

  • SIZE: M (1-6-4-5-8) see size guide
  • DESIGN: (Unique / One-of-a kind)
  • MATERIALS: Medium quality Plastic tips with Gel paint, marble tints.
  • NAIL ARTIST: @tamaradillulo
  • NOTES: These nails are hand-painted and any so some level of irregularity is to be expected. 

  1. CONTACT-US if you have any questions or concerns!
  2. Application guides and sizing details available upon request.
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