Welcome !! We are very excited to see you again! We know there are a lot of rules we need to follow but we will do our best to keep the CANDY experience as fun and pleasant as we possibly can! Please know our priority is your health before everything and it always has been.


Our team has implanted new protocols to ensure everyone’s safety !


1) Masks and gloves are worn during all services

2) · Plexi Glass installed at all manicure station

3) Installation de Plexis a tous les stations de manucure

4) Stations 2 m or more apart from each other

5) · Chairs and surfaces disinfected.

6) Single use (throw away) towels, files, toe separators, buffers

7) · Sterilized tools ( As always!)


  • Please do not present yourself to your appointment if you experience any flu symptoms (fever, cough etc.) Don’t forget to advise us!


  • Please come alone and no children under the age of 18 (this is temporary as we love kids!). If you are coming together for an appointment please note that you will be seated 2 m from each other for the security of our employees and other clients.


  • Please do not present yourself to your appointment if you experience any flu symptoms (fever, cough etc.) Don’t forget to advise us!


  • Our cancellation policy is now changed to 24hrs without penalty. If you already paid for your service, a credit will be applied to your account if you advise us within the 24 hours or else you will lose your deposit.


  • Masks are 100% obligatory. If you don’t have one, we will be selling some in the salon.


  • Respect the social distance rules or 2m and follow the directions of our receptionist and technicians.


  • A 3$ fee per service will be added to compensate for materials required for your service. (We are deeply sorry but the cost of these required materials for our industry have quadrupled due to the pandemic)


  • Don’t come too early since the doors will be locked at all times and we do not have a waiting room. We’ve had to limit the amount people allowed in the salon at once. We invite you to call us 514-276-7835 when you arrive. You can wait in the waiting zone outside in the entrance of 6214 St-Hubert and there is a park on the corner where you can wait safely! We will happily signal you when we are ready for you!


  • Our bathroom is strictly reserved for employees.


  • Keep personal object to a minimum. No food or beverages! When you arrive your bags and cell phones will be put in a plastic bag next to you to avoid the risk contamination.


  • The prepayment by e-transfer to ( password candy123 if your bank requires it) is payed in advance to avoid too much contact and space at the cash. You will receive your total by SMS or email before your appointment. You can add the tips at this moment to your discretion. Thank you for your comprehension.
  • Think about your Color and design before hand because we won’t be able to let you touch the palettes or polis bottle unfortunately. If you have photos, please send by email, direct message or immediately before we put your belongings away before the appointment.


  • Pedicures: Please bring open toe sandals (flip flops ) so that you could leave as soon as possible and leave space for other clients so we can proceed with disinfecting stations while respecting the social distancing rules.