Welcome!! We look forward to seeing you again! We know it’s a lot of rules and things to do but we’ll try to keep the CANDY experience as fun and enjoyable as possible! Know that our priority is your health first and always has been!


Our team takes several additional steps to ensure your safety!


  • Wearing Gloves and Masks during all services.


  • Plexis installed at all manicure stations.


  • Redevelopment of stations to !m or more (depending on public health measures)


  • Disinfection of chairs and serviices (yes pillows have been removed)


  • Disposable towels, files, basins and buffers.


  • Sterilized tools (As always!) 


1) You have symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, headache, body pain, etc.) Don’t forget to let us know!

2) You are waiting for COVID-19 test.

3) You have been in contact with someone who has Covid in the last 14 days.

4) You have been out of the country in the last 14 days.


 Please let us know if you test positive for Covid-19 within 7 days of visiting our salon.


  • Masks are 100% mandatory from the moment you enter the salon. If you don’t have one, we  have some available for sale in the salon.


  • No food and/or drinks as you must keep your mask along your service and as soon as you enter our salon.


  • Follow the 1 m distancing instructions and follow the direction of our receptionist and technicians. We reserve the right to refuse service to persons who do not comply with our advice/security measures.


  • If you have an appointment of 2 or are from the same residence or family (bubble) you can come together but note that you will be installed at more than 1m for the safety of our employees and other customers.


  • No accompanying persons who are not receiving a service.


  • No children under the age of 18.


  • Bathroom is strictly reserved for employees.


  • The cancellation policy will now be changed to 24hrs without penalty. If you have already paid for your care a credit will be applied to your account if you notify us 24hrs before cancellation otherwise you would lose the full amount of your deposit (see more details in the "deposit" section).


  • Do not come too early because the doors will be locked at all times and we only have 1 place in the waiting area. Please call 514-276-7835 when you arrive. You can wait in our outdoor waiting area at the entrance of 6214 rue St-Hubert and there is also a park on the corner where you can wait safely! We’ll be happy to let you know when everything is ready for you.


  • Personal items at minimum. Follow the instructions of our employees when storing your personal items.

  • Think about your color and/ or design in advance because you will not be able to touch the pallets or bottles of polish unfortunately. If you have pictures send it by email or direct message before the appointment.
  • Pedicures: Bring open sandals (flip flops) so you can leave as soon as possible and allow other customers to pass by and disinfect the stations and follow the distancing instructions.


    Important Policy for PEDICURES:


    For the protection of ALL our customers, Candy Nail Bar will not offer any nail services if you suffer or show symptoms of the following medical conditions: Mycosis or Fungal infections, Plantar warts, Athlete's foot and we cannot intervene for In-Grown nails, Corns, etc.


    No refunds are offered on gift cards nor will be offered on site if you have booked a treatment and we must refuse the service for health or hygiene reasons. So please make sure of your situation when you make an appointment. If you have any questions; please ask our staff and we can suggest alternative services or transfer your gift card to another person as a courtesy.


    What to do if you are not sure about the health of your nails? We advise you to consult a health professional (dermatologist, doctor or podiatrist) and follow the treatment advice given by your doctor.


    Deposits :


    For any appointment in our establishment a deposit is required.

    The amount of your deposit will be communicated to you when you make your appointment. The amount will be calculated based on an estimate of 50% of the total of your booked care (before taxes).

    If you book for more than one person, you will be responsible for the deposits of those persons and for informing us of changes and/or cancellations of your guests.

    The deposit can be paid on site (in person) or by Interac e-Transfer to info@candynailbar.com (candy123 – if a password is required). Please indicate the date of your appointment as a note with your deposit.

    Once the deposit is accepted we will send you an invoice and your appointment will be scheduled. Our reservation system sends a confirmation to your email (if provided by you) and/or text.

    If you cancel your appointment, following our 24hrs cancellation policy, your deposit will be refunded or may be applied as a credit for a future appointment at your discretion.

    There is a fee of $1.00 to refund by Interac e-Transfer.




    Any cancellations/changes must be communicated at least 24 hours in advance.


     Cancellations made in less than 24 hours will be invoiced in full (100%). If you have given a deposit it will be custody and the other part will be invoice to you.

    An email or message on our voicemail will serve as proof of your cancellation. Cancellations by private message or Messenger will not be accepted.

    Changes made on the spot that reduce the cost of your care will count as a cancellation on site and the entire service will be charged to you.




     After 15 minutes of delay we reserve the right to cancel or shorten your treatment according to our discretion in order to complete your treatment within the time allowed for your reservation and the full price of your treatment will be charged even if your treatment has been shortened to follow up on your late arrival.

    After 15 minutes you will receive a courtesy call from a member of our team.

    If you are late please contact
    a member of our team (preferably by phone at 514-276-7835 to try to better adapt to your particular situation.


    Appointments :


    We only operate by appointment.

    We advise you to make appointments as far in advance as possible, especially if you have a preference of technician or time slot.


    Nail Art :


    We love NAIL ART! but… You NEED tomention in advance if you want a design or even an addition like a French manicure…


    Plan your design ahead of time. Send us a photo of your inspiration and/or advise the number of nails with designs so we can make sure to place you with a «Nail Artist» who can best execute your design! Thank you!


    If you book Nail Art and change your mind on the spot it counts as any other modification or cancellation of care and can be invoiced in full. Thank you for your understanding.


    Product Removals :


    Don’t forget to let us know if you need a product withdrawal before your appointment.


     The removal of Gel varnish has additional costs but also adds an average of 15 minutes more to your appointment - which can greatly affect our ability to complete your treatment in the allotted time.

    We DO NOT remove acrylic, resin and powder and/or nail treatments from other salons.


    Our warranty :


    We are proud to offer you a 7-day* warranty on all our Gel or Gel Varnish (Shellac) products.


    To benefit from a free correction just contact us before 7 days after your treatment.


    Don’t forget that if you have problems with the service you have received it is always better to mention it before your departure to find a quick and effective personalized solution!


    NB: You may be asked for photos of your nails if you are not able to present yourself for the correction before 7 days after the appointment.


    *This warranty does not apply to clients who have participated in extreme activities or use (e.g., escalation, accidents, working with chemicals, etc.)


    Refunds :


    No refund will be offered on our care and/ or gift cards.


    Gift cards may be exchanged for other equivalent care or transferred to another person with written notice (info@candynailbar.com)


    No refund or exchange may be accepted on our products for hygiene reasons.


    Remember that if you have problems with the service you have received it is always better to mention it before your departure to find a quick and effective personalized solution!