Be ready to work on real clients (not just your aunt)! You’ll learn everything you need to know to start a successful career as a nail professional; from hygiene to insider techniques and time-saving tips. Candy College offers Montreal’s most efficient and FOCUSED training to start a nail career fast and all at an excellent value! At Candy we are educators not distributors so we teach without constant product sales pressure.


After completing this professional-oriented course you will be ready to start your career as a manicurist offering polish manicures. Why spend 100 hours or more in a large group practicing when you can get quality results in less time and jumpstart your career. Candy College offers small groups personalized training with industry expert manicurist Tamara Di Lullo so that you maximize your training time.

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Step-up your nail career by mastering the pedicure techniques you’ll need to pamper your clients and be very profitable. Feet present a completely different set of challenges and we will teach you how to nurture and address your client’s individual foot care needs all while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and professionalism.

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You may be thinking “what’s so different about performing a Shellac mani and a Polish mani?”. The answer is a complex because it requires understanding the chemical nature of UV-cured products like gel polish vs. solvent based coating like polish! This course will demystify Shellac, so not only will you learn how to perform and remove a correct CND Shellac manicure, you will be able to guide your clients in the best choice of nail products to suit their busy lifestyles. Your Shellac manis will LAST and have your clients returning 2-3 weeks and you will even receive a CND master painter certification as a bonus!

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Gel enhancements truly are the most natural style of nail enhancement in our industry and are in high demand! Knowledgeable clients now demand gel enhancements and are tired of being cheated by salons telling them they are getting gel when it’s really acrylic with a gel polish top coat….. A sophisticated product and technique for a demanding client; gel is also the easiest technique for a quick nail fix or shape correction for that one broken nail (we all have one!). Learn how to apply tips, apply gel and file like a boss.

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Imagine being able to do a full set of gel tips in an hour! ApresNail is a new soft gel full tip enhancement technique that is quick and effortless allowing you to focus on color or art rather than filing! Perfect for special occasions or first-time extensions clients! This technique is easy to learn and our one-day workshop class come free with a full product kit and everything you will need to begin offering this new trend-setting service!

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One-on-one coaching with a nail pro! Together you will resolve those issues that are hold you back from being truly confident and profitable or just learn new techniques that will impress your clients.

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