For Love & Nymphs - Lunar Milk Bath

For Love & Nymphs - Lunar Milk Bath

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Inspired by Cleopatra's bath rituals with milk & honey.

Contains a rose quartz which is perfect during lunar cycles.


Epsom salts & Magnesium: Can help with muscle soreness & relax the body.

Himalayan Salt: May help to remove toxins & soften the skin

Coconut Milk Powder: Hydrates & soothes the skin 

Lavender Oil: To soothe the skin & calm stress

How to do a Full Moon Bath Ritual: 

Full moon rituals to help manifest your intentions. We suggest to use this as you please and to use during a full moon or new moon ritual. 

Every one of our lunar milk baths also include a Rose Quartz to help you during your ritual.

Rose quartz is the stone for universal love which includes relationships with others & yourself.It helps to open the heart chakra and encourages healing.

We are mostly water & tend to react strongly to the full moon. This is why it is a great time to submerge yourself in water, as a way to cleanse all that is weighing you down. Bring your Rose Quartz and while the bath is filling, set your intention. 

Simply ask yourself, what you need to release and let the water wash it away.